Contact Manager

Manage your business relationships with Durell's Contact Manager module

Durell helps you organise, improve and facilitate interactions with clients, prospects and business partners.

Contact Groups

Durell provides user-definable contact groups, allowing you to create address books for clients, prospects, providers, leads, etc. Each contact record includes extensive personal/business details and can easily be linked to other records such as spouse or partner, employer or associated businesses. The screens can be further configured to capture specific information relevant to each group, with over 50 user-definable fields per contact group.

With the CFS add-on you can allow your clients to change their personal details when they log on to your client portal.


Use the integration with Microsoft Office to create your own Word and Excel templates and email or mailshot clients with automatically populated documents. Contacts can easily be searched, sorted and filtered by any of their personal/business details or user-definable fields. Mailshot criteria can be refined in simple steps to target certain client segments.

Be paperless without compromising on security by using the encrypted messaging facility of the CFS add-on to send sensitive information or documents to clients.

Document Management

Store, manage and track all communications with Durell’s built-in Document Viewer. Emails, scanned documents, recorded phone calls etc. can all be linked to a specific contact in a few simple steps.

If you have a client portal using the CFS add-on you can make documents available to clients with one click in the Document Viewer.


Use the Client Notes facility to track all interaction with clients, with semi-automated chase-up reminders and notes created when emails and documents are linked to a client record. Comply with Treating Clients Fairly principles with a dedicated complaints handler and TCF tracking and reporting. Make use of Durell’s other integrations such as:

  • Sanctions Search

    Ensure your clients are not on the HMT sanctions list on an ongoing basis.

  • CloudCall

    Record all phone conversations, including mobile calls while outside the office.

  • Mailstore

    Searchable e-mail archiving, crucial in the event of litigation.