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Full Accounting

Setup retainers and regular payments to receive monthly fees and bills which can be fully processed through the accounts system in just minutes.

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Online Valuations

Obtain the current funds, units and prices for investment contracts directly from the product provider without the need to phone or email providers

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iprism Integration

iprism offers comparative SME business for brokers online. Our integration benefits both general insurance brokers and financial advisers looking for additional income streams post RDR.

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Who are we?

We have been a significant provider of Client Relationship Management (CRM), Back Office and accounting software to IFAs, Mortgage and General Insurance Brokers for over twenty years.

At no extra cost each Durell system can optionally include commercial, motor, household, mortgages, life, pensions and investments. We also include a multi-company accounts package (to Trial Balance) with VAT, fee timers and retainers - ideal for the forthcoming RDR. The system boasts its own paperless office system, multi-user diaries and instant messaging, TCF and extensive reporting, financial planners, user-definable fact finds and quotation systems for both life insurances and personal lines (Full-cycle EDI). On top of that you get state-of-the-art investment portfolio management with contract enquiry for on-line valuation.

Our system is used by major IFAs, dedicated Commercial Insurance brokers, and brokers specialising in just Personal Lines - but we also have customers who are involved in all of these services to offer a one-stop-solution.

Durell now leads the field in Client Facing Services, via our new Web-link facility. This allows your clients to log-in to their own screen from your website to get their policy details, update their valuations, check life, motor and household quotes, and even complete fact finds on-line. Click here to read more

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