Includes new function to only transfer commission and fees when the related purchase invoices have been reconciled. Also includes other improvements, bug fixes and bespoke developments.


General Broker Only

  • Fixed an issue with Applied Systems EDI whereby “Vehicle mileage” on a “Motor” “Quote” was being duplicated on communication issued to Applied
  • Introduced a short-term work around for an Applied Systems bug which incorrectly required “Current or previous insurer” to be present on “Household Quotes”.
  • New functionality added to the “Transferable Commission and fees routine”. You can now choose to only transfer commission and fees on “Sales ledger” headers when ALL “Purchase Invoices” included in the posting are fully reconciled. NOTE – This includes posted adviser and lead payaways. This new function can be found via Accounts > Period End > Transferable Tab > Only include sales entries where related purchase entries are fully reconciled.
  • New “Bike” product added under “Other”


Financial Adviser only

  • Fixed an issue with “Commission Download” whereby on occasions, cashbook entries were not being created with the specified “Payment method”.

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