Includes new standalone document database as well as other improvements, bug fixes and bespoke developments.


Itemised List:-


  • Update will create a new “Documents” database. All pre-existing and new document links will be held/moved here. This will reduce the overall size of the main database.
  • Fixed an issue whereby activating “Instalments” on a renewal which is subsequently deleted, resulted in left over instalment rows on the instalment report.
  • “Financial Year” in the accounts will now automatically be shifted forward on active accounts sets via Durell updates.
  • Fixed an issue in Durell that caused the system occasionally crash when double clicking icons.
  • “Address Set” added to the column setup options to enable visibility of the associated address records
  • Added “Created User” to list of headers in policy screen column setup.

General Broker Only         


  • New Product added ‘Commercial’ > ‘Factfind’
  • Full “Policy Wording” now available to download via Applied Systems EDI. “Policy summary” option at quote stage has been reworded to “Summary / wording”, when clicked, this will now show a menu popup to either retrieve the “Policy summary” or “Policy Wording”
  • At the request of Applied Systems, removed the option to add or remove PNCB at Renewal Invitation stage on an EDI renewal invite.
  • At the request of Applied Systems, if the “Date” OR “Time” is changed on a “Saved Quote”, Durell will now warn that this invalidates the original saved quote due to a change in risk info and will prompt to start a new quote.
  • Added two dropdown fields to Marine, Yacht policy screen.
    • “Mast” > Aluminium / Wood / Carbon.
    • “Rigging” > Wire / Rod / Synthetic

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