Substantial speed optimisation when using the ‘Policies’ option from the Durell home screen as well as the ‘Bordereau’ from ‘Reports’


Custom nominals can now be used and included on the Client Solvency report.


Click to dial functionality added to address records.


Additional functionality on pre-existing reports as well as other improvements, bug fixes and bespoke developments.


Itemised List:-


  • When using the address record ‘Move’ function located in Any Address Record > Record > Move Record/s…. you can now move records you have mailshotted from ‘All address sets’, into one set.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the use of a ‘Bad sign’ when using the ‘Auto-Reconciliation’ function
  • Fixed a bug that caused some exports on mailshotted records to fail.
  • Fixed a bug that caused orientation issues on some reports when using Durell in a terminal server environment.
  • Durell will now allow you to open multiple versions of reports concurrently.
  • Improved the Spreadsheet function in the Document Viewer, so that exports to Excel would not remove leading zeros.
  • Fixed a bug where an error message was popping up during the submission of the VAT report to HMRC
  • Option added under Setup > Diary & Messages to ‘Completely disable the diary (all users)’
  • Click to Dial functionality added to all phone number fields. To enable this, you will need to go to Setup > Client screens and tick the box named ‘Enable telephone number click to dial (per user)’. Please note that you will also need to have set your default TEL protocol to your chosen program such as Skype. Also, this is only an integration and Durell cannot assist in setting up your phone system. It will only work if you make calls from the same desktop.

General Broker Only         


  • Added the ability add any nominal to the solvency. Nominals are included by going to Accounts > Setup > Sales/Purchase/Control nominals > Custom Solvency Nominal checkbox. Once added, ‘Plus custom solvency nominal’ & ‘Less custom solvency nominal’ will appear in the solvency calculation.
  • Added the ability to have numerous pre-defined ‘Broker Fee Calculator’ setups per product. A default can be assigned as well as the having the ability to switch setups per policy.
  • Amendment to Applied Systems integration, to ensure a value for Business_Mileage is always input for relevant quote type
  • Adviser and lead columns added to Excel output of all Marine Bordereau’s
  • Improvement where “Deposit” and “Total Deposit” from last MTA now available as fields in Data Field Sets”.
  • Added an option to show the ‘User’ in the ‘Compliance Daybook’ in the ‘Documentation completed’ field, only works if exported to excel.
  • Fixed a bug where quotes involving Addons within the Applied Systems integration were encountering an ‘Error code 5’.
  • Fixed a bug where the Claims Bordereau would not run, if completed claims had been hidden in the Claims list.
  • The amount of times fields that are repeated during a Word / Excel link (like commercial vehicles / drivers etc..) is now user definable. This option can be found via Setup > Worldlink field counts.
  • Added new commercial product ‘Cyber Insurance’
  • Fixed a bug whereby ‘Invoice Number & ‘Posted’ columns were blank on the ‘Standard’ Bordereau export
  • Added ‘Invoice Number’ & ‘Posted’ for addons on the ‘Standard’ Bordereau export
  • Added a ‘Parent Policy’ reference for addons on the ‘Standard’ Bordereau export – extra tick box in the Bordereau modal ‘Use parent ref for addons’.

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