New client & policy document removal function.


Changes to fleet commercial screens.


Additional functionality on pre-existing reports as well as other improvements, bug fixes and bespoke developments.


Itemised List:-


  • In response to ‘Document Retention’ rules under GDPR, there is now function to remove documents attached to a client or policy records when they are deleted. Function activated by going to Setup > Document Viewer > Tick ‘Deleting clients, policies and claims also deletes documents’. Upon deletion, documents will be placed in a ‘To be deleted folder’ located within Durells default ‘Document’ folder. Documents will only be moved when either deleting a client record or selecting ‘Delete this policy as rubbish’ or ‘Delete this policy as rubbish (and all historic policies)’ when deleting a policy. For further info on this, please contact Durell Support.
  • Fixed a bug that that would cause filenames in ‘Windows Explorer’ to go to uppercase when using the ‘Move’ function on Durells the ‘Document Viewer’
  • Fixed a bug with the ‘Outlook Addin’ not saving ‘Notes’ to re-broked policies
  • Fixed a bug in the “Advisers & Leads Commission (variable)” report which meant that users could not filter the report successfully by Product Type.
  • Fixed a bug that caused ‘.html’ as be classed as a ‘Document type’ in the ‘Document Viewer’ resulting in Durell opening these extensions types via ‘Word’
  • Added the ability to be able to post a ‘Fee’ to a ‘Supplier’ through the Accounts > Posting defaults
  • Added the ability to link ‘Claims’ to policies in ‘History’.
  • Fixed bug where the posted/paid marker was not updating correctly.

General Broker Only         


  • The ‘Standard’ Excel bordereau layout now includes additional columns ‘Policy Number’ and ‘Original Policy Number’ which are the system IDs for the current policy and first incepted version of the policy respectively.
  • Fixed an issue with ‘Fleet Vehicle Import’ function. Importing to ‘Notes’ column now works as intended.
  • Amended the “Rigging Age” field in marine policy screens from a pre-defined drop-down list to a free format, 10-character text field.
  • Added ‘Export’ function on the ‘Fleet Vehicle’ screen.
  • New ‘Commercial’ ‘Product’ added – ‘Contractors all risks & liability’
  • New ‘Commercial’ ‘Product’ added – ‘Airside Cover’
  • ‘Allow MTAs to be created even though a renewal or rebroke exists’ function has been moved to Setup > General Insurance > ‘MTA’ tab. This can now be activated for policies with the with the product ‘Other’ as well as ‘Commercial’.
  • Fixed an issue with commission rates when ‘Premium Default’ override was activated in a product but the commission level was ‘0’. Now, if the commission level is set as ‘0’ in the ‘Premium Default’ product override, the ‘Commission rate at inception’ figure will take precedence.
  • Fixed a bug where adding pedal cycles to an Applied Systems policy would cause an error to appear.
  • Fixed a bug that would omit some ‘Instalments’ from the ‘Instalment Report’
  • Fixed a bug that would cause an error when adding addons at renewal stage.
  • Ensured consistency of ABI ‘Co-proposer’ ‘Marital status’ list across all policy types
  • Fixed an issue with ‘Save Changes’ prompt on ‘Motor’ policies that caused an error on when the ‘Policy Reference’ was blank.
  • If an ‘MTA’ has been taken up whilst a ‘Renewal Invitation’ is available to download, you will now be prompted to create a ‘Renewal Amend Risk’
  • Fixed a bug that would allow the deletion of ledger headers that included transferred commission.

Changes to Fleet Commercial Screens

In the ‘Cover & vehicles (fleet)’ commercial screen:


  • Add an extra option to ‘Class of use’ dropdown = “Social, domestic and pleasure & in connection with the business”.
  • Duplicate options in ‘Driving restrictions’ dropdown with ” (unless named driver)” suffix on each.
  • When adding a vehicle, a different list in the ‘Cover’ dropdown, ideally user definable. Can we change the existing list to be user editable with an access right? And maybe allow free typed text (maybe as the All level of access)?
  • When adding a vehicle, make the ‘Engine / GVW’ box / field bigger e.g. adding “3.5t/1560” is 9 characters but the field only accepts 8.
  • When adding a vehicle add a ‘Notes’ text field.
  • A field to note ‘Updates MID list’ – policy level dropdown of {Client, Broker, Insurer}.

In the ‘Drivers (fleet)’ commercial screen:


  • When adding a driver, a different list in the ‘Use’ dropdown, ideally user definable. Can we change the existing list to be user editable with an access right? And maybe allow free typed text (maybe as the All level of access)?


Financial Adviser Only


    • New ‘Pension’ ‘Product’ added – Deferred SIPP Beneficiary’
    • Improved the way Durell ‘Groups’ rows on Valuations
    • Fixed a bug on ‘Policy’ section of a Factfind that occurred when clicking ‘Show Partner Policies’
    • Fixed an issue with the ‘FinExpress’ feed caused by URL change

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