Additional functionality on pre-existing reports as well as other improvements, bug fixes and bespoke developments.


Itemised List:-


  • Added ‘Comments’ located at the bottom of each ‘Statement’ to the Extended Statement to Excel’ export. This statement is ran by clicking File → Print → Extended Statement to Excel from ‘Statements’
  • Fixed a display issue on ‘Adviser Lead Commission (Variable)’ report. ‘Adviser/Introducer’ and ‘Nominal’ tabs would previously not updating when changing lists.
  • Improved performance of ‘Instalment’ report when used on virtual servers.
  • Fixed an issue whereby data field sets accessed via ‘Documents’ that would cause a set to lock occasionally when editing.
  • Added new option to ‘Source of Business’ dropdown on policy ‘Front Screen’ – ‘Information Only’
  • Added extra functionality to the ‘Cashing Up’ process accessed via ‘Accounts’ → Cashbook → Signpost → Cash up to bank. You can now cash up via ‘Payment Method’ and also via a date range.
  • Fixed an issue whereby changing adviser initials would cause an error
  • Fixed bug whereby some accounts reports were including ‘Insurance’ nominals, which had the effect of duplicating some entries.
  • Fixed a bug whereby some accounts reports would not run due to character limits on some fields.
  • Fixed issue whereby adding a subsidiary address to a record, then using them in template for more than two addresses would cause an error
  • On Word templates, extended the amount of exportable fleet vehicles from 50 to 100.
  • Fixed bug whereby Group policies were not displaying an envelope after being posted to the accounts.
  • If you use a sanctions checking service other than the built-in Sanctions Search, you can launch a website from the “=” button on the Client screen. Goto Setup → Sanctions search → tick ‘Open a website instead’ and enter a valid link in the URL field. Clicking the “=” button next to “Sanctions search ref” or “ … life 2” will then open that link.
  • From the Client screen you can now mailshot flag all the client’s policies. From the Client screen → Options (signpost) → Mailshotting → Mailshot current client’s policies … . There are 2 options: 1) to CLEAR other mailshot flags (i.e. so that only the current client’s policies are flagged), or 2) to LEAVE other mailshot flags in place (i.e. to add the current client’s policies to the list of flagged policies. [N.B. option 1) can be used to create new docs or spreadsheets directly from the Client screen by setting ‘Select records’ = “Policies, mailshot = Y”.]
  • You can now include the Adviser and Lead initials in Sales Ledger Reports to Excel. From the Sales Ledger → File → Print → Ledger entries … and tick ‘Send to Excel’, there are 2 new options ‘Show client adviser & lead’ and ‘Show policy adviser & lead’ showing the initials of the adviser & lead set at the client or policy level respectively. Please note that for policies, this is the adviser & lead at the time of posting.
  • Amount row has been moved after description within Accounts → Regular payments (scrolling view)


General Broker Only


  • Updated ABI list for question ‘Overnight Parking’ located within Motor policy question set.
  • Added ‘Commercial, Management Liability to list of policy products
  • Made changes to ensure consistency of ‘Marital Status’ ABI list in all locations within Durell
  • 10 additional merge fields added for “Marine Conditions” to enable up to 20 conditions to pull through to documents / reports
  • Fixed an issue whereby D&C benefit and Endorsements were being removed at renewal (Accident & Sickness Policies)
  • Made changes to field ‘Previous Insurer’ to facilitate use of AXA IHP HH EDI scheme
  • Improved the ‘Standard’ Excel export of the bordereau by adding a column to indicate whether the policy for that row has been paid or not.
  • Added ‘Commercial, Contractors All Risks & PI’ to list of policy products
  • Fixed an issue with Brokerage Charge Analysis report whereby limited amount of entries would appear in the defined range.
  • As well as being able to add details of the last MTA to datafield exports, there are now totals for premium fields, that sum all MTAs on a policy. From table “Policy – MTA details” select fields like “MTA – Total …”, e.g. “MTA – Total Invoice” to get the total invoice amount of all MTAs on a policy.


Financial Adviser Only


  • Changed field wording from ‘Guidance – Oblique Administration’ to ‘Guidance – Administration’ on ‘Basis of Advice’ dropdown located on policy front screen.
  • Added “Portfolio, offshore” product to list of policy products.
  • ‘Client ID’ has been added to Funds Held & Sales Ledger Excel reports and will be included as standard in any other Excel layouts added in the future. N.B. it is already in the ‘Client and policy notes and appointments’ report.


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