Product specific add-ons as well as the ability to add, remove and MTA add-ons via the parent policy when doing a renewal or MTA. Also includes improvements, bug fixes and bespoke developments.


Itemised List:-


  • Fixed an issue with exports to excel from mailshotted address records or policies.
  • Fixed an issue with the TCF (Treating Clients Fairly) report accessed from an address record – if the report was run without producing any result, subsequent attempts would cause the report to error.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause some ‘Statements’ to include unwanted entries when using the ‘Search Name’ to locate records.
  • Added option to ‘Statements’ to remove entries that don’t relate to this record i.e. ledger entries reconciled against cashbook try liked to the current record
  • Transaction Trail (within statements) – Option added (as a tick box) to exclude entries not relating to the client. i.e. payments made for relatives policies. This was causing an imbalance at the bottom of the report which could be misleading if the client only wants to see entries relating to their own policies.
  • Feature added to load excel report on login. From within excel spreadsheets there is now the option to load data field sets (reports) when opening Durell.


General Broker Only


  • You are now able to add, remove and MTA add-ons when doing a renewal or MTA on the parent policy. The setting that controls this is located in Setup > General Insurance > ‘Defaults’ tab > ‘Allow add-ons to be amended at MTA and Renewal’
  • You are now able to create product specific add-ons by navigating to Setup > Products > Select a Product > Add-ons.
  • When the Commercial Screen ‘Claims Experience’ is included on a policy, the ‘Claims’ ‘Yes/No’ drop down now changes to ‘Yes’ when a claim is linked to the policy.
  • Added column “Insurer Name” to the “Standard” Excel/CSV output of the Claims Bordereau.
  • Policies that have had their ‘Policy Status’ set manually to ‘Rebroke’ will now have their ‘Type’ set as ‘B’ as opposed to ‘NB’
  • Fixed an issue with reconciled dates of ledger entries when changing cashbook date – this was having an adverse effect on the commission transferable routine.
  • Fixed an issue with the displayed commission percentage for MTA rows on the ‘Extended Statement’ report located in Accounts > Reports > Statements > File > Print > Extended Statement in Excel.
  • Removed the ability to create manual entries with suspense fee (GXI*) and commission (G*CS) nominals as fully reconciling these entries creates a surplus on the client solvency report.
  • Fixed an issue whereby new “Accident Types” added to “Accident & Medical” or “Motor” not appearing within a ‘Claim’
  • The ‘Date’ field is no longer mandatory when competing ‘DD details…’ located on the premium screen of a policy – not including this previously would result in an error.
  • The ‘Auto Renewal’ function located in Setup > General Insurance > Auto-renewals… can now be run by a specific user upon login as opposed to the first user logging in on the next run.
  • Added the ability to import a ‘Vehicle List’ from Excel in the ‘Cover and Vehicles’ policy screen of a ‘Fleet’ policy.
  • Added the ‘Currency’ drop-down selection to ‘Accident & Medical’ group products.
  • Added ‘Take-away’ as a Commercial product.
  • Field ‘Proof Received’ is now longer locked when carrying out an MTA on a ‘Private Vehicle’ EDI policy.


Financial Adviser Only


  • Fixed an issue that caused the filter ‘Select policies to include’ to not work correctly. This relates to the ‘Policy Schedule’ report located in File > Print > Policy Schedule.
  • From Reports → ‘Life’ tab → ‘Funds held’ report you can now tick ‘Run on login’ on the right hand side under the buttons. If this is ticked for a saved report layout then that report will run on the first user’s login to the system. If you click the ‘File settings’ button underneath the tickbox you can set the save location for the file created by the report – so for example you could have a daily export of the ‘Funds held’ report with a datestamp to a folder on your server. The ‘Date last run at login’ field records when the report was last run, so if you need to re-run on login use the ‘Clear’ button to clear this record.


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