This update (from version 7.3.22) is now ready to download from www.durell.co.uk with password = winter (n.b. in lower case). All Durell updates always include all previous ones, so you only need run the latest.


Loading time: approx 1 minute, plus 1 or 2 minutes for an associated DotNet update. Please ensure you always run Durell updates as the ‘Administrator’ of your PC or server.


If you have any issues please raise a support ticket at www.support.durell.co.uk.






Added digital VAT return, broker specific statement for agency policies as well as report optimisations, improvements, bug fixes and bespoke developments.


Itemised List:-


  • The character limit for ‘Search Name’ has been extended to 80 characters.
  • Added the option to search for ‘All address sets’ when selecting ‘Policy Holder’ on Sales/Purchase ledger report located in Reports > Accounts > Sales/Purchase Ledger
  • Added new ‘Client account’ specific debtor (DBTI) and creditor (CRDI) control account nominals. These are in addition to the existing CRED and DEBT nominals.
  • Fixed an issue with field formatting on Excel exports that contain the ‘Comments’ field.
  • Now in Notes when adding or editing a Note or Appointment you can use the ‘>’ button next to the Adviser and Lead dropdowns to search similarly to the client front screen.
  • In the Durell ‘Document Viewer’, documents within the ‘CFS Notifications’ subfolder can now be dragged and dropped into explorer.
  • Fixed an issue with policy ‘Compliance’ > ‘Documentation’ fields found in the ‘Awaiting’ section of a policy. Data pasted into these fields can now be deleted
  • Fixed an issue with ‘Postcode’ field on an ‘Address Record’. Postcodes containing null data will no longer provide an error
  • Secondary records can be linked to ‘Claim’ via a new frame called “Secondary linked client.
  • In the Durell Document Viewer, you can now drag and drop files from/to Windows Explorer.
  • Fixed an issue whereby clicking icons on the ‘Durell Home Screen’ with high-resolution displays caused an error.
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘General Insurer’ remittance located in Accounts > Cashbook > File > Print > Remittance. The reconciled ledger row would incorrectly display the previous year’s entry.
  • Policy selection filter – as seen in the bordereau report settings; has now been added to the ‘Policy Schedule’ report.
  • Further improvements to Durell’s compatibility with high resolution monitors
  • Columns added to the Excel version of the Quote Conversion report for Adviser and Lead
  • Field ‘Search Name’ now added to ‘Client birthday list’ report located in ‘Reports’
  • Fixed an issue with the digital VAT submission if you were due a refund from HMRC.
  • Currency marker removed from Cashbook Remittance, as hard-coded ‘£’ symbol was unsuitable for multi-currency brokers
  • Commas included in a policies ‘Policy Reference’ fields will no longer cause formatting issue when exported to Excel.
  • ‘Client email’ added to policy ‘Column Setup’
  • Fixed an issue with the two data protection setup settings ‘Add above ticks to newly entered records’ & ‘and set consented date to the current date’. They will now work as intended.



*VAT – Digital Returns*


You are now able to submit your VAT return digitally via Durell.


The first step is to sign up for digital submissions via the following link – https://www.tax.service.gov.uk/vat-through-software/sign-up/have-software.


If you need help with your first submission, please submit a support ticket.



General Broker Only


  • Added the ability to copy address details from the ‘Client record’ into ‘Credit Card Information’ screen located within a policies premium details page.
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘Brokerage Fee Calculator’ whereby the fee balance would not be split amongst the desired nominals, instead it would assign the full balance into ‘Fees, suspense’ (GXI*}.
  • Added validation onto the ‘Amount of Cover Required’ field located on the ‘Buildings Cover Details’ page of a ‘Buildings and Contents’ policy.
  • Added ‘Commercial’ products ‘Charity Combined’ & ‘Faith Combined’
  • The field limit for ‘Boat (Hull & Machinery)’ located on the ‘Marine’ policy screen ‘Sums Insured & Excesses’ has been extended to 9 figures and 2 decimals.
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘Renewals Checklist’ when removing a single insurer from the ‘Policy Selection’ screen
  • ‘Finance payment methods’ will now appear on a rebroked policies premium screen.
  • A bordereau issued via FTP in ‘Reports’ > ‘Bordereau’ can now be sent using TLS encryption. It can now also be sent using SFTP protocol.
  • From a ‘Motor quote’, you can now ‘Jump to the premium screen’.
  • Fix included for ‘Commission’ column on “Declinations & Warranties” screen, as it was previously summing incorrectly.
  • It is now possible to import a claims bordereau from an insurer into Durell, please contacts us if this is of interest as it is likely to require some specific mapping or small development per insurer.
  • On marine policies, quotation marks were causing certain fields to crash upon input. Verification to prevent input of quotation marks has been improved.
  • Added cover field ‘Cover From’ from to all ‘Commercial’ products policy screen
  • Column for “Payment Method” added to Excel export of the bordereau
  • You can now add MTA’s to an original policy after a renewal invite or rebroke has taken place for commercial policies. Enabled under ‘Setup > General Insurance > Commercial tab > Allow MTAs to be created even though a renewal or rebroke exists’.
  • The ‘Client bank account reconciliation (Solvency) report located in ‘Reports > General’ no longer includes net premiums for insurers marked as ‘Risk transfer’.
  • ‘Tax Fee Protection Insurance’ added as a new ‘Commercial’ product.
  • Broker charge merge fields now displaying the correct values in templates at MTA stage.
  • Broker specific statement now available via ‘Accounts > Reports > Statements’. This is called ‘Extended Statement in Excel’. Specific to AG (Agency) method brokers that shows the total amount owing taking into consideration the payaways that they will deduct.



Financial Adviser Only


  • Fixed an issue with ‘Commission Download’ when assigning a record to a commission row. Occasionally, the previous record would be carried over to the next commission record selection.
  • Fixed an issue when printing clients using ‘Mailshot = Y’ on the ‘Funds Held’ report located in Reports > Life > Funds Held.
  • Optimised the running of ‘RMAR Section K reports’ on Virtual Servers, would previously take longer than intended.
  • On the ‘List Policies’ report located in ‘Reports > Life’ added ‘Client created date’ to ‘Order By’ and ‘With’ dropdown fields after ticking ‘Send to Excel’. Also added a new “Show earnings” tick box which also is enabled when sending to excel.
  • ‘Pension, Small pots’ added as a ‘Pension’ product type.

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