Improvements to the ‘Client and policy notes and appointments’ report accessed from ‘Reports -> Client Tab’ (or when using the ‘A selection of client and policy notes’ option when printing Notes).

  • When saving a report layout that is set to ‘Pop-up on open’ you can specify a date range as an offset from today’s date. So for example you can have a pop-up report of all your Notes and Appointments from Today –1 day to Today +1 day when you open Durell in the morning.  You can also tick ‘Prompt for date range’ to allow those dates to be changed when the report opens.
  • There is now a tick box to ‘Export to Excel’ so you can do further manipulation or ad hoc reporting on Appointments and Notes – for example an analysis of time elapsed between certain Actions. There is an additional option to ‘Exclude details from Excel layout’ which removes the ‘Details’ column, i.e. the body of the notes is not exported.

Various other improvements, additions and fixes have been made since the last update in October as outlined below.


Itemised List:-


  • Improved data validation for ‘SMS Messaging’ integration with ‘Esendex’.
  • Fixed an issue within a ‘Cashbook’ entry where the ‘Bulk reconciliation’ function was missing the option to ‘Only include Paid Items’.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the ‘Notes’ button would continually flash across all cashbook and ledger rows, if jumped to from a policy where a ‘Note’ was outstanding.
  • Two new user access rights added, ‘Bankbooks, client bank account’ and ‘Bankbooks, office bank account’ which control access to the client and office bank accounts.
  • When creating a ‘Document link’ in the ‘Document viewer’, added the ability to ‘Edit note’ and also mark created note as ‘Done’.
  • Improved the existing feature to automatically create a Note with an associated ‘Action’ when a new client record is created to bring it in line with other automatically created Notes. The settings are accessed from the front screen of a client record under ‘File -> People -> Setup set…’.
  • When using the bulk ‘Import’ function located within ‘Setup’, creation details will now be updated on each record similarly to records created manually.
  • From the Policies scroll list under ‘Signpost -> Policies’ add the ability to ‘Move notes & documents’ to another policy.



General Broker Only


  • When creating a ‘Data field set’ from ‘Policies -> Documents -> New -> Spreadsheet’ and including a mixture of claims and policy data fields, some policy data would be missing from the exported report. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with an ‘EDI Renewal Amend Risk’ whereby the ‘Inception date’ on a saved quote would occasionally reset the ‘Inception start date time’.
  • Added field ‘Built’ within a ‘Marine policy’ to the ‘Marine Bordereau’ located in ‘Reports -> General Tab -> Marine Bordereau’.
  • Added a dropdown ‘Yes/No’ VAT field to the front screen of all commercial policies.
  • Added – ‘PI & Legal Expenses’ as a commercial product.
  • Fixed an issue whereby some historical policy data was not being included when running a ‘Marine Bordereau’ located in ‘Reports -> General Tab -> Marine Bordereau’.
  • New option added to ‘Compliance daybook’ located in ‘Reports’ -> ‘General’ called ‘Contract certainty’ where you can select the following options , all, yes or no


Financial Adviser Only


  • When creating a data field set from ‘Policies -> Documents -> New -> Spreadsheet’, the field PolLIPost_FeesRecurringPerc (Renewal Fee Percentage) was only rounding to one decimal place – this will now round to two.
  • The report ‘Basic Valuation’ located in ‘Reports -> Life -> Valuation (basic)’ no longer has incorrect text at the top of page 1.

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