Around eighteen improvements, additions and fixes have been made since the last update in August.


Itemised List:-


  • Within the Diary you can now mark a ‘Memo’ as ‘Done’
  • In the Diary, the Appointment box now displays the ‘Mobile number’ of the person who the appointment is for.
  • You are now able to create a different default policy number based on the plan when taking up a quote based on the stage ‘Active prompt renewal’
  • Added ‘From’ and ‘to’ dates in the date range for auto-reconciliation.
  • Added ability to add a 255 character note on the bottom bar of the screen for all Accounts entries (Cashbook, Bank, Journals, Sales and Purchases), this can be edited by clicking the ‘Notes’ button on the toolbar. This field is also be available to edit when reconciling Cashbook entries, i.e. from the list of ledger entries.
  • Add option to exclude ledger entries with notes from auto-reconciliation.
  • Added the ability to add notes to contact, policy or claims in bulk.
  • We have added some new features to the existing sales/purchase ledger reports found in ‘Reports > Accounts (tab) > List Sales/Purchase ledger’. ‘Send to Excel’ added to ledger listing dialog (bottom right of the ), together with 2 options to “Show sub totals per name / policy holder” and “Do not show lines with zero value”. We’ve also added 2 new sort orders, “Name” and “Policy holder”, and if either are selected the the sub total option will be enabled (providing the send to excel is selected).
  • Within ‘Business Client’ record, increased character limit in the ‘Web Address’ field to 255 characters.
  • Option to “Show search name on statement” added to statement screen (all the options have now moved to the top right).
  • Issue with creating regular payments that included Journal entries resolved.
  • Claims ordering now remembered when accessing directly from a client.



General Broker Only


  • Fixed an issue whereby any value in the ‘Months’ field located within a ‘Property Owners’ policy was not pulling through when doing a mail merge or export to Excel
  • Fixed an issue whereby Marine Bordereau located in ‘Reports’ would include “£” in percentage cells
  • New merge fields added to show Previous year premium + addons, Previous year brokerage fee + addons, Previous year Insurer charge + addons
  • Added dropdown field with option for ‘Market Value’ & ‘Agreed Value’ on private vehicle policy screen. This is an Applied Systems/Insurer requirement.


Financial Adviser Only


  • Within a ‘Pension’ policy you can now specify if sums are crystalised.
  • Enter an asterisk before any searched word in the Funds Held report, to search for any funds which contain that word in any part of the fund name e.g. Searching for ” *managed ” will display any funds with the word managed in any part of the fund name.

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