Main Features

Around thirty five improvements, additions and fixes have been made since the last update in July, particularly in regard to Applied Systems.

Itemised List

• ‘Sales analysis’ report located on the ‘Clients’ tab within ‘Reports’ will now correctly search on the ‘Adviser’ from the note screen, rather than looking for the ‘Adviser’ from the client main screen.
• Can now attach ‘OFT’ (Email Template) files to the ‘Document Viewer’.
• When creating a new ‘Business’ or ‘Prospect’ record you no longer have to select a ‘Structure of Business’
• You are now able to remove / replace an ‘Action’ located within a ‘Note’ on a ‘Claim’.
• Fixed an issue whereby ‘Claims’ could not be deleted.
• Added the ‘Structure of Business’ field located on the ‘main client screen’ to the ‘import routine’ found in ‘Setup’.
• ‘Structure of Business’ fields is now available for ‘Business’ clients and ‘Prospects’
• Permissions pop up no longer appears if user has “prompt to add a note on leaving client record” set and has the permission “client and policy notes” are set to edit only.
• GDPR fields located on the Client Front Screen will now retain the last dropdown selected, even if no ticks associated with it.
• When exiting a client record where neither an Adviser nor Lead has been specified, the Durell home screen will now display correctly.
• ‘Notes’ will now mark themselves as ‘Done’ correctly when the setting ‘Set new notes as done’ is ticked. Setting located in ‘Setup’ ‘Client notes’. Policy notes and Claims notes
• On a client record, ‘SME’ has been added to existing ‘Business Type’ options.
• Removed the message box that was indicating an issue during the moving of documents.
• Added the ‘Email 2’ field to the Adviser screen (accessed by clicking the > next to the Adviser code on a client record).
• Added a setting to ‘Document viewer’ setup to ‘Tick to add docs to CFS’ yes/no, defaulted to yes.’
• Added access right ‘Document viewer add to CFS’ to Users setup, under Clients. Edit to allow add (via tick or button), All to allow remove (via untick).

Financial Adviser Only

• Will now correctly pick up whether contracts within a ‘Wrap’ have funds before attempting to decide if funds should ‘Renewed’. (All Providers)
• We now have the facility to update Aegon policy references and merge ISAs – please contact support for more information.

General Broker Only

• Added fields ’Private Cars’, ‘Commercial Vehicle’ and ‘Plant’ to the ‘Vehicle’ list within ‘Fleet’ policies. The list can be ordered by these fields and can also be exported to Excel.
• ‘Auto renewal’ function will now correctly pickup any addons flagged for auto renewal.
• You can include the ‘Total reserve / actual settlement’ field located within a ‘Claim’ to your ‘Policy list column setup’ found by using the ‘Green Binoculars’
• Added the following policy merge fields which can be used on Word templates and also be exported to excel – ‘Total Invoice amount + Addons (total amount of Main policy + addons)’, ‘Previous years IPT’ & ‘Previous years Insurer Charge’
• When running the ‘Bordereau’ from ‘Reports, selecting ‘Show Insurance Company’ shows the ‘Insurance company’ instead of the ‘Client Name’
• Added fields ‘Rent Payable’ & ‘Rent Period’ to the ‘Risk Address’ policy screen on all ‘Health Club’ policies.
• Following wording changes by Applied Systems to driver occupations on motor policies, the system will now look to automatically correct any historical wording.
• Amended validation on the following EDI Household quote questions.
o ‘Regularly occupied during the daytime’
o ‘Are there any trees taller than 5 metres within 7 metres of the property’
o ‘Number of occupants’
• Fixed an issue whereby AXA would occasionally not appear when doing a motor quote.
• Applied fixed issue whereby some Aviva’s premiums could not be overridden.
• Applied Systems fixed an issue whereby MTAs for AXA or Aviva came up with the error ‘No schemes returned by Applied Systems’
• Important changes made to the format of xmls as advised by Applied Systems.
• Added products ‘Band’, Instruments’ & ‘Recording Studio’
• Gross Written Premium report accessed via ‘Reports’, ‘General’ tab will now show MTAs correctly
• When posting instalments via the ‘Instalment’ routine accessed via the ‘Policies’ > Signpost > General > Instalments. The total figure will no longer be shown when posting initial instalment manually from the policy screens.
• Posting instalments from history will now work correctly

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