Main Features

  • This update mainly includes fixes and minor improvements, resulting from user requests.


  • Fixed the issue where invoices for customers with long search names were being stored in different client folders as a result of these names being truncated.
  • Fixed the “File / Print” option to print a user’s permissions from “Setup / Users”.
  • When creating a new diary entry from a policy, the associated adviser now defaults to that on the policy record rather than from the client one.
  • The Cashbook is now more robust and can, for example, now be used to reconcile over 12,000 items against a single receipt or payment.
  • Added the option to show the lead and or adviser when producing a Supplier Remittance from the Cashbook.
  • Added an “Up to what date?” option when using the Cashbook to select “Bulk mark entries for reconciliation”.

General Broker

  • Added an option so that the policy stage can be selected manually after a re-broke instead of always defaulting to “Lapsed”.
  • Added a new “Broker Network” report (bordereaux), which includes data fields for “Received from Customer” & “Settled to Insurer”).
  • You can now correctly “Jump” from a renewal invitation to its linked diary entries, and from a policy to its most recent diary entries.
  • It is now possible to use the tick-box option to “Show renewals” (and thus link to them) when creating a new diary entry.
  • Your current sort order (e.g. by “Insurer name”) is now retained when you exit the scrolling lists of all policies or claims, and reinstated on your return.
  • Where a policy has never been renewed its value in the optional “Renewed” column in the scrolling list of policies is now displayed as zero rather than blank. The same applies to this field when merged with Word or Excel.
  • Added the fields “Brokerage Fee”, “Brokerage Discount” and “Finance Charge” as optionally selectable columns to the scrolling list of policies.
  • Improved the error trapping so that you should no longer get a “No current record” error when returning from an individual claim to the scrolling list.
  • The individual driver mileage fields now automatically get added to the vehicle mileage one to provide a suggested default value for it.
  • In the Close Premium Finance integration, the sum financed now correctly excludes the initial deposit.
  • Existing MTAs are shown in the Bordereaux report with the “Last MTA Date”. After this update new MTAs will store their individual invoice dates, and hence appear in the report accordingly.
  • The “Percentage of Business” reports for both “All Accounts” and “From Policies” now correctly include Fee-only MTAs (i.e. those without premiums).
  • The data field for “Previous Years Premium” can now be added to Word templates.
  • The way the data fields relating to Commercial Executors link to Word has been changed, and is fully functional again.
  • Added new “Commercial” product types for “Combined Liability, PI & MD” and “Event Insurance”.
  • Made the operation of the Fee Calculator more robust in order to prevent anomalies in the report “Brokerage Fee Analysis”.
  • Added separate versions of the “Bordereaux with Payaways” reports with different columns for “Marine UK” and “Marine AUS”.

Financial Adviser

  • In the Valuation report the option to “Use a more accurate method when calculating fund growth” has been fixed to display the correct figure.
  • The date funds were sold was being overwritten when revaluing. This has been stopped and affected dates will be corrected by this update.
  • The option to copy an investment with a selection of its fund events (in order to archive this information) no longer loses the fund names.

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