Main Features

  • This update includes a number of improvements and additions, and in particular, extra fields have been made available to the Scrolling View of all Policies for the new FCA rules regarding general insurance policies renewed with the same insurer, and Cost Centres have been added to the Accounts system.

Combined List

  • Cost Centres added to all main accounting reports (e.g. Profit & Loss), with new Setup screen and default percentages  (see “Accounts, Set-up”, section re ”Set-up Cost Centres”).
  • When reconciling, adviser and lead commission percentages may now be adjusted while leaving their fixed pay-away unchanged.
  • When linking an invoice to a policy (via “Link to policy” option within sales & purchase ledgers) you can now simultaneously link all other invoices with the same policy holder and pol ref.
  • Fixed bug which prevented the display of Statements Of Account containing long lines of data.
  • New ‘Copy’ button added in Notes to duplicate the currently selected note.
  • The “Move” button will now also move notes between policies.
  • Added a prompt “Are you sure…” when exiting a note via the “Cancel” button.
  • Fixed locking problem where a user cannot re-save a Claims Note just created by another user.
  • Fixed problem where Appointments wouldn’t appear alongside Policy Notes.
  • Fixed error when running Compliance Daybook report, caused by very long Plan Names.
  • Duplicate lines no longer appear in the Percentage of Business report.
  • Improved security when logged-in on behalf of a particular Adviser to limit access (particularly to Claims).
  • Added a “Default note to adviser” dropdown to “Setup Client Notes”, “Setup Policy Notes” and “Setup Claim Notes” so that users can change the default “Adviser” entry for all Notes to their own initials.

General Broker List

  • Made the field “Invoice – Previous year” available to the scrolling view of policies (via Column Setup – see Online Help re “All Policies / Scrolling View / Search, Sort & Select”).
  • Added the field “Renewed Count” to the scrolling view of policies (to show no of years with same insurer).
  • In Claims the Signpost button option to “Import from File” now also populates “Paid to Date”.
  • Added a field to Claims screen for the Third Party’s name.
  • You can now link a group of claims to a policy (by using the Mailshot marker to select the claims).
  • Added new Commercial Insurance screen for “Insured Items”.
  • Added a new product type for “Commercial / Health Club”.
  • It’s no longer possible to accidentally create an MTA after the end of a full-cycle EDI policy (via Applied).
  • Fixed problem where EDI renewals (from Applied) are not appearing because of a previously lapsed policy for the same person with the same ref.
  • “Last MTA” data fields are now available to Word (e.g. for renewals invitations).
  • Added the “Renewal Date” in the Awaiting box  for commercial policies as the day before the “End Date”.
  • For all “Other” type of policies (e.g. Travel and Marine) the “Proposal Completed” date on the “Awaiting Dates” pop-up is now carried forward at renewal.
  • For Australian brokers only, added an option to “Show Withholding Tax on the Premium Screen” in “Setup / General Insurance”. This tax goes via a transferable control account (WTHT) that appears in the “Period End / Transferable” routine. An extra line also appears on the Client Bank Solvency report for it.

Financial Adviser List

  • You can now move Notes from a policy to a variation.
  • Percentage of Business report for Life now includes invoices for Commission Download.
  • Added an option to exclude the “Matures Date” from the Investment report.
  • Added the Mortgage product type “Part interest, part repayment”.
  • Fixed bug where occasionally some top-ups were not appearing in the “Submitted Business” report.
  • Fixed occasional problem with Commission Download when a record wouldn’t clear and could be duplicated.

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