Main Features

This update includes a number of general improvements and additions, and in particular a range made to the Client and Policy Notes, which should make them easier to use, and more effective for business tracking.


Combined List

  • New ‘Copy’ button in Notes added to duplicate the currently selected note except for the start and end dates and times, action, and whether the note is done. This should make it easier to use Notes for tracking business processes. When one is completed, it can now be duplicated, the next action added, and the note then passed to another user.
  • New ‘Move’ button in Notes added to allow the selected note to be moved.
  • New column for the ‘User’ added in Notes.
  • New check box options added to Notes for ‘Include done’ and ‘Include outstanding’.
  • The length of the ‘Reference’ field in Notes and Appointments has been increased to 50 characters.
  • Resolved issue where the wrong note was passed to the Diary when creating a chase-up from a note with a long body of text.
  • Creating a chase-up from a note for a client with a phone number longer than 20 characters no longer causes an error.
  • You no longer get a “type mis-match” error when inappropriate data is copied and pasted into the ‘Find Record’ search field (e.g. a post code pasted into a date search).
  • Issue resolved where using ‘Auto find’ in the Document Viewer doesn’t link policy documents to the appropriate sub-folder when the option ‘Include policy year in folder name’ is checked (under Setup -> File paths -> ‘Durell Files’ tab -> ‘Manage doc folders …’ button).
  • ‘New line’ characters are now removed (issue with addresses in particular) when exporting to Excel, e.g. ‘Report via Excel’ from mailshotting.
  • Issue resolved when creating a new Accounts Set and carrying forward outstanding entries, which caused some SI postings to be linked to historical PO ones.
  • In Accounts -> Reports -> Statements a new option has been added under the signpost to ‘Show insurer’, this and ‘Show policy sub-type’ are remembered per user. So for example insurer can be hidden from the statement if using an underwriter.
  • Error resolved when filtering the cashbook and ledgers, which sometimes caused Durell to crash with a “… not an index” error message.
  • In the ‘Setup Complaints Stages’ dialogue in Complaints the ‘Completed’ check box no longer causes a “run-time” error.


General Broker List

  • Auto-renewals now pick up the IPT rate from the Accounts -> Setup Accounts -> ‘Tax rates’ tab.
  • Applied have advised that brokers should no longer override premiums at EDI motor renewal invitation stage, this should only be done via an ‘amend risk’, hence the ‘Override’ button has been disabled.
  • Error resolved when requesting an NCD schedule for an EDI motor policy with no NCD protection (usually because none was requested).
  • Issue resolved where renewal invitations for EDI motor policies with protected NCD weren’t populating the premium correctly in Durell (n.b. this would not have affected the invite take-up process).
  • Issue resolved where the same figure was shown for an EDI motor policy’s premium with and without NCD protection. This duplication is returned by Applied where the insurer only offers one premium, but Durell now only populates the appropriate field.
  • The “Pick-Up” body type for commercial vehicles has now been changed and standardised as “Pick Up”.
  • Bordereau reports can now be sent to an FTP location (e.g. an insurer’s server) when exported in Excel format. These can be scheduled to run automatically on login on a daily / weekly / monthly basis.
  • Fields ‘Mooring Zone’, ‘Cruising Parameters’ and ‘Loaded Excess’ have been added to the ‘Marine Bordereau (Excel)’ report.
  • A new checkbox has been added to the ‘Marine Bordereau (Excel)’ report to ‘Only include quotes’.
  • The ‘General insurer…’ remittance advice report in the Cashbook can now be ordered by policy holder.
  • “Rent guarantee” has been added as a new product under Commercial.
  • Including the ‘Special – Underwriter’ policy data field in a template when there is no underwriter allocated to a product no longer causes an error.
  • Spelling corrected in the product name “Directors & officers / EPL / Crime”.
  • Issue resolved where ‘Brokerage fee’ was not calculated when the policy or mta was for the fee only (i.e. had a zero premium).


Financial Adviser List

  • The length of the ‘User name’ field in Setup -> Analytics has been increased.
  • When revaluing investment policies online using the ‘Renew funds’ option, variations are now included in the current investment amount, i.e. ‘Investment’ total on Funds screen now includes lump sums.
  • Issue resolved where some notes with fee generating actions were not being included in the ‘Time cost analysis …’ report. This previously affected Notes added when linking documents, and/or where the fee details were not edited before saving.

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