Main Features

The main focus of this update is the regulatory changes required to General Broker by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) Private Motor Insurance (PMI) Order.

  • From the Applied ‘View Motor Quotes’ screen you can now click ‘Prem/NCD Breakdown…’:
    • to see the implied price of NCD protection in the quote breakdown;
    • and check details of average NCD awarded and the impact of claims on NCD with and without protection.
  • From the same screen you can click ‘NCD schedule…’ to generate the ‘No Claims Discount Protection Information’ pdf document – which will also be downloaded to the Durell policy record on take-up.
  • Renewal invites from Applied will include quotes with and without NCD protection (if available from the insurer) and the customer will be able to accept either.

All General Broker customers that are Applied EDI users should have received an e-mail on 26th July from Jane Powell with the CMA statement attached, this needs to be completed and sent to the FCA as per the instructions in the email.  If you have not received the email please contact Jane on 01823 326324.


Combined List

  • Further improvements to the ‘Client and policy notes and appointments’ report (on the ‘Client’ tab of Reports and used when printing a selection of notes):
    • a User column has been added;
    • the Adviser column is now populated when the report is grouped by client name.
  • Issue resolved when sending scheduled SMS – previously an error was returned even though the SMS sent.
  • When opening from Durell .csv files now open in Excel rather than Word.
  • Issue for search names containing an apostrophe has now been resolved.
  • Diary appointments can no longer be created from Notes with start time equal to end time – resolving the issues where such mistakenly created appointments aren’t visible.
  • The ‘Print from … to …’ option has been enabled for Statements.


General Broker List

  • For commercial motor policies body type “Pick-Up” has been changed to “Pick Up”.
  • Iprism import issue for “HOTELS” resolved.


Financial Adviser List

  • The ‘Time cost analysis’ report now includes Adviser with this correctly reflected (along with User) in the export to Excel. The export also now includes Action.
  • Factfind load issues with “<” and “>” in fields resolved.

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