Main Features

  • This is a minor update of small tweaks and bug fixes. Apologies for the problems in printing Notes caused by the last major update. Printing wasn’t included in our testing procedure but it is now!  Hopefully all the issues have now been resolved.
  • We have also added a lot more logging and trapping around record locking, which should resolve the issues some customers have had with this causing system crashes.


Other Items

  • The ‘Upcoming Significant Dates’ pop-up/report (accessible from ‘File’ -> ‘Print’ -> ‘Significant dates …’ when in the main client screen) can now have rules based on a linked record, e.g. to display client records based on a date on the linked Business record. [Select the checkbox ‘where linked record’ in the ‘Setup Rules’ dialogue to enable the dropdown to choose the linked record.]
  • The error some users were experiencing running the ‘Adviser & leads commission (variable)’ report has been resolved.
  • The bug when opening ‘Training history’ from the ‘User Setup’ screen has been fixed.
  • Notes can now be longer than 64,000 characters. Only the first line will be displayed in the table but the full note will be shown when opened.
  • The issue when printing Complaints with a custom column order (then sorted by date) has now been resolved.
  • Client Statements will now include all cashbook entries reconciled against that client’s ledger entries, i.e. cashbook entries from that client and any other address records.
  • A number of optional fields have been added for brokers reporting to Lloyds underwriters. [In ‘Setup’ select ‘General Insurance’ and on the ‘Defaults’ tab tick ‘Show risk issues on compliance’ to enable the fields.  These are then visible in the ‘Awaiting’ compliance pop-up.]
  • The ‘Marine Yacht / Boat’ commercial insurance screen has been extended with additional fields and changes to the layout (there is a Signpost option to limit list lengths if the changes cause the screen to be too long for a user’s resolution size). The list of standard Conditions can now also be edited and saved per policy – e.g. if you just want to add a specific date to a standard condition.
  • The ‘Percentage of business (current account set only)’ report now includes a column displaying either Adviser or Lead – selected via dropdown when generating the report. [N.B this information is taken from the Accounts, i.e. set when the ledger entry is created.]
  • The ‘Brokerage Fee Calculator’ now handles negative amounts correctly, e.g. a negative underwriting fee due to an MTA.
  • The issue with columns in the Commercial Liability bordereau report not populating has been resolved.
  • Templates can now include the field ‘SpecialClaims – Dates’ from table ‘Claims – Special info’.
  • The ‘GPRM discrepancies in sales & purchases’ report will now be saved in the imw-data folder (rather than c:\imw-user\).
  • The bug where instalments with an invoice date before the previous period end could be posted to Accounts has been fixed.
  • An option has been added for CFS users under the signpost in the main client screen – ‘List policies on CFS’ which is a quick link to view that client’s CFS policies and quotes.
  • “Kidnap & Ransom (K&R)” has been added to the product list under type ‘Other’.

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