Main Features

The issue regarding ‘Search names’ not in upper case has been resolved in this update (see email on 9th Feb from Robert with subject “Warning re Durell Search Names Containing Lower Case Characters” for details).  Following the update we will also be able to check which clients this has effected so we will be in touch if necessary.

In this update we’ve made a lot of improvements to client Notes.  This has been done to further develop Notes as way to track all interactions with clients, add some new features and also bring Notes closer to the Diary.

We’ve made sure that you can keep using the Diary and Notes just as you have been, but if you want to use the new features they are:

  • You can now see Diary appointments in the Notes screens. When you open Notes now you will see checkboxes underneath the list of notes.  Select to show notes and/or appointments and click ‘Apply’ to update the list.
  • You can also now see client, policy (and claim for General) notes and appointments in the client Notes screen. When you open client Notes now you will see checkboxes underneath the list of notes.  Select to include contacts and/or policies (and/or claims) notes and click ‘Apply’ to update the list.
  • There are now additional fields on a note:
    • Contact, Policy ref (and Claim ref) – informative only;
    • Adviser and Lead – pulled through from the client but editable at this point, similarly to Diary appointments;
    • Reference – yours or a third party’s reference but for your purposes only;
    • User – by default the current user but editable, e.g. if making a note for someone else;
    • Lapsed after – we have renamed the old ‘Complete by’ field to be ‘Lapsed after’, hopefully to make it clearer! This date acts as a deadline for the note to be completed, for example if you need to send documentation by a certain date you can create a note with ‘Lapsed after’ equal to that date.  Any notes that pass their lapse date without being marked as done can be reported as lapsed.

Notes can be filtered by date, adviser/lead, user, done, lapsed, etc. as usual by clicking ‘Print’ from the Notes screen and selecting ‘A selection of client and policy notes’.  The new Adviser, Lead and User fields can all be used in the selection.  This is also where to make use of the ‘Lapsed after’ field – select the checkbox ‘Include lapsed notes’ and enter a date to see all outstanding notes that will lapse by that date.  For example selecting the end of the month will show you all incomplete notes that need to be completed by the end of the month.  [N.B. in this example you also need to deselect ‘Include completed notes’].

  • TCF reporting uses the same print dialogue to produce the ‘Work done for this client’ report so Diary appointments can now be included in the report – click the button and change the selection as you require.
  • Notes can now be used to generate fees in exactly the same way as Diary appointments. We have included a FEES action but you can set any action to be fee generating in the setup actions dialogue opened by clicking ‘…’ next to the Action dropdown in Notes.  You can automatically post fees to Accounts by following the signpost option from the client screen.
  • The auto-generated tracking fields – ‘Created by’, ‘Created date’, ‘Last modified by’, ‘Last modified date’, ‘Done by’, ‘Done date’ and ‘Done time’ can now be edited if required.  This is controlled by a new access right in the Users setup screen under group ‘Clients’ called ‘Client & policy notes generated fields’.  By default this has been set to ‘None’ in the update but any user with permission to change user access rights can grant this access.


Combined List

  • The issue some users experienced with the fields in an existing complaint clearing when the complaint is edited has now been resolved.
  • The error when trying to access Synety options from Durell has been resolved.
  • The error when trying to link a scan to a client and create an associated note without ‘Time spent’ being populated has now been resolved.
  • The ‘Policy status’ field can now be shown as a column in the Policies screen.
  • Extra checks have been put in to the Factfind to stop the error caused by broken links some users experienced when trying to create a data field set including Factfind fields.
  • The error when trying to view entry details for an accounts entry that is reconciled against > 500 ledger entries has been resolved.
  • The issues some users experienced with duplicate (or seemingly randomly) notes was caused by copying client records and has now been resolved.


General Broker List

  • The question ‘On proposer’s policy’ has been added to the popup used for entering accidents at the new business stage of motor policies. This is to distinguish between accidents claimed under the proposer’s name or on another policy.
  • The Brokerage Charge Analysis report now reflects the new methods recently introduced in the Brokerage Fee Calculator.
  • The integration with iprism has been updated to reflect their changed security requirements. This resolves the issues users were having when downloading policies.
  • Issue with Aviva renewal invitations via Applied Systems has now been resolved.
  • Currency has been added to personal lines policies.
  • The ‘Compliance daybook’ report can now be ordered by policy inception date.
  • Extra checks have been added to stop null values causing an error when running the ‘New business (quote conversion)’ report.
  • The error when creating a commercial policy for a product with a long name, e.g. “Business, Travel and Personal Accident” has now been resolved.
  • For marine policies ‘Conditions’ can now be included in data field sets.


Financial Adviser List

  • When adding funds to an investment the ‘Locate Fund’ popup has been improved so that the ‘Fund name’ field acts as a filter, e.g. if you type “standard” it will display all funds with names that contain “standard” (not case sensitive).  It also recognises ‘wildcard searches’ so you can use the asterisk so if you type “stan*life” it will show “Standard life”, “Stan Life”, “Standard XXX Life”, etc.  When you double click a fund in the list it then selects the fund.
  • When adding funds to an investment the action ‘Transfer from existing product’ has been added to the events. This is to cover situations where money has been transferred from an existing contract not in Durell, e.g. an ISA held elsewhere.
  • In the Funds screen the ‘Hide closed funds’ checkbox will now be remembered by user rather than on an individual policy level.
  • A new access right has been added in the Users setup screen under group ‘Life’ called ‘Contract enquiry renew funds’. You can now allow users to change contract enquiry settings (in the ‘Online contract enquiry’ setup screen) and use this new access right to restrict the ability to renew funds to experienced users (as it overwrites transaction history).
  • An adviser’s record can now be linked to itself as the ‘Area manager’ and/or ‘Branch manager’ record.
  • Extra checks have been added to the ‘Post Monthly Commission & Fees’ routine to stop unexpected payment methods from creating an error.
  • The issue some users experienced loading a saved ‘Percentage of business’ report has now been resolved.
  • In the commission download routine pensions and investment renewal commission in OpenText statements is now defaulted as fund based.
  • In the ‘Commission & Fee Download’ screen statuses “Non-posted (matched)” and “Non-posted (unmatched)”have been added to the status dropdown of the filter.
  • The remittance advice reports can now be sorted by policy holder.

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