Main Features

The “Client birthdays…” list option under “File > Print” in the client screens has been extended to provide reminders based on any dates in the client record. The revised feature is thus under “File > Print > Significant dates”. Using the “Setup” button in the pop-up you can create rules to include clients in the list based on any date field in the client screen. For example you can include a rule to show all clients within 30 days of their 65th birthday. In the pop-up you can also select to “Show this pop-up on login” in order to see an up-to-date list when you log-in.

We’ve added a “Search” box to the bottom right of the Document Viewer. Type three or more characters in the box to jump to the first matching document description, with an indication of how many more matches there are shown above the box. Click the “Next” button underneath the search box to move to the next matching one. Shortcut keys: Ctrl-F will jump to the search box, Alt-X will move to the next match.

Actions in the Diary can now be set to automatically create a chase-up (similar to Actions in Client Notes). “Select Diary > Setup actions” …under the Signpost button in the Diary and tick “Auto chase-up” then specify the chase-up required for that action.


Combined List

  • Now if you create a note when linking a document to a policy in the Document Viewer the note will be created against the policy rather than the client.
  • Macro enabled Word and Excel templates (.dotm and .xltm) can now be selected in the Document Viewer.
  • Help explaining the use of Excel templates added in sections “Document Viewer / Spreadsheet, Example Templates” and in “Reports / General / Bordereaux, Excel Templates…”
  • CFS links to a document are now deleted if the document is deleted or removed from the Document Viewer.
  • Client Import routine improved to fully clear fields when a blank is imported.
  • When a user is restricted to a particular adviser’s clients then the mailshotting will now only target that adviser’s clients.
  • Pay-away amounts to Advisers and Leads on the “Sales Commission” screen are now available to Word and Excel templates (as the data fields PolComm_Amount1..7 in table “Policy – Details 1”).
  • The Bankbook can now be filtered using the new “Filter” option under the Signpost button to show “All”, or only “Checked” or “Unchecked”.


General Broker List

  • The “Generate Renewals” option under the Signpost button in the Policies program has been developed to also generate re-brokes and renewal quotes.
  • The Brokerage Fee calculator on the Premium Details screen can now accumulate an overall fee from a number of individual fixed amounts, or percentages of fixed amounts or of the premium.
  • Any Finance charge will now be included in the calculation of Instalments.
  • The spelling of “liability” has been corrected and totals added to the Excel Bordereaux layouts “Household Bordereaux” and “Commercial Liability”.
  • The formatting of the “Percentage renewed” figure corrected in “Renewal retention rate” report.
  • Several fixes have been made to the Close Brothers integration…
    • Premium generated by Add-ons is now included in the loan.
    • Any ampersands in the client name, postal address or credit card name are now correctly passed to Close Brothers.
  • Column order of the “Claims Bordereau (Excel)” report has been corrected, field name “Date of loss” changed to “Incident date” and an option added “Include blank dates” so that claims with blank dates can now appear in the report.
  • In a policy screen you can now select leads and advisers from all address sets relating to Leads and Advisers, e.g. from a user defined one like “Leads from HSBC Offices”, as opposed to just from the default “Lead & Introducers” set.
  • In the “Professional Indemnity” commercial screen the field “Basis of excess” is now editable and another drop down option “Each and every claim including costs and expenses” has been added.
  • Applied Systems issue resolved when linking a Contents policy where “Ownership status” is “Owned on Mortgage by Proposer – Let Unfurnished”.
  • When taking-up an MTA with Applied Systems documentation is now saved to the policy folder rather than the client folder.
  • When linking policies from iPrism an option to tick “All address sets” has been added to the Search criteria rather than having to tick each set individually. Search shortcut keys (F5 – F9) also enabled.
  • The default stage for active policies can now be set in the Setup screen under “General insurance”.


Financial Adviser List

  • Commission Download has been improved so that statements from new providers (i.e. those not yet setup in the system) are imported correctly and the provider is added.
  • TCF report now picks up manual account entries where the policy holder name is different from the client name, e.g. entries linked to a client but not a policy via Commission Download.
  • A “Force update” button has been added to the Setup screen “Online contract enquiries” to update service changes immediately rather than wait for the overnight update.
  • The default stage for active policies can now be set in the Setup screen “Life & Investment policies”.
  • The “Post monthly commission & fees” routine from the Policies screen has been improved so that…
    • Sales Invoices and Purchase Orders are better matched.
    • If you select “Don’t post, but mark ticked items as posted, clear list & exit” then subsequently all cleared items will no longer re-appear.
  • Issue resolved when re-valuing all contracts from Policies with option “Revalue WITHOUT contract enquiry …”, i.e. via Financial Express.
  • Issue resolved where no currency being set at the policy level was causing incorrect fund currency 7.0.49 conversions.
  • Valuation reports changed so that when the option to “Show sectors” is cleared the fund name field extends to fill the space. An additional option “Gain” has also been added to the “Growth type” dropdown to show a gain/loss figure as a cash amount rather than as a percentage.
  • Products “Pension Switch” and “ISA, Reg” have been added.
  • The “List polices” report now includes Mortgages.

Field “Start date” now populated with “Scheme date” for products “Pension, group scheme” and “Pension, auto enrolment”.

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