Durell is fully cloud compatible. We work closely with our sister company Pro Cloud Solutions to deliver our software in a secure, scalable environment that can be accessed from anywhere.

Managed Hosting

A remote desktop per user on a UK-based Windows terminal server in a secure data centre, manned 24/7, with sprinklers and power back-up.

Peace of Mind

Secure connection via a Cisco firewall and VPNs, anti-virus and anti-malware kept up-to-date with live protection and secondary scans run automatically overnight.

Business Continuity

Nightly back-ups to a separate geographical location. Backups stored for previous 30 days and at least 3 previous month-ends as standard. Rapid disaster recovery.

Customer Care

Experienced support from friendly Microsoft certified UK-based support team, who will help with initial setup and keep your software up-to-date.

Straightforward Approach

Licences for Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Office, anti-virus, anti-malware and back-up software included in the price and kept up-to-date.

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