Teachers Collective Agreement Nb
10th October 2021
The Eu-China Bilateral Comprehensive Agreement On Investment (Cai)
11th October 2021

We intend to update some aspects of the interface to better adapt it to modern expectations. Slator spoke to ProZ.com President Henry Dotterer for more details on the deal. Feedback from users said that the acquisition was proZ.com way to eliminate competition, and that “TM-Town, even with its paid subscription, as a reasonable alternative to ProZ.com and added, `Now I`m not so sure.` He thinks buyers “haven`t really thought about how translators can work faster and better if they`re assigned to orders that require little or no research, because what they need to know is already in their brains, translations, and even their own personal TM engines.” ProZ.com and TM-Town are competitors in the field of translator-job-matching, where freelancers and translation buyers have reciprocal access. A look at their UIs – or even how they announced the acquisition – gives you an idea of the difference between the two portals; and why any perceived merge can lead translators and clients to pause when they`re used to ProZ.com or difference in TM-Town`s user interface. Mr. Dotterer explained: “The TM-Town approach is essentially using natural language processing to compile translation providers and translation buyers based on real texts. The ProZ.com approach relies heavily on profile verification. Both approaches are still needed and proposed. Even a dazzling approach is conceivable. Without saying exactly what he was looking for, Dotterer also said they were still looking for other acquisitions. The fever of the agreement has erupted during quarters that are not normally associated with big capital.

Translation community and translator-client-matching portal ProZ.com supported the TM-Town successful and competing for an amount not mentioned. As for fears that TM-Town member dues will be collected for free users or increase for existing paid subscribers, Dotterer said the “membership options” on TM-Town remain the same and will cater to customers first before changing things. . . .

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