Simple Rental Agreement With Utilities Included
8th October 2021
Standard Service Agreement Template
9th October 2021

We cannot be held responsible for any losses you may incur during your stay in our buildings. In this context, please keep your room closed at all times and make sure that the windows are completely closed if you are not present in your room. Your room key should never be given or loaned to another person. They should ensure that there are no key markings or identifications that make it easier to identify the space or building to which the key belongs. Visitors are welcome if they comply with these regulations and the lease. No student may have more than TWO visitors at any given time. All visitors are required to report to security and do not have direct access to your room. No signs or other objects may be permanently affixed to the walls, windows or furniture of your room or any other part of the building. It is in your best interest to keep the building in a clean condition, please do not pollute, mark, unwind or damage the common areas of the building. Toilets should not be used for the disposal of foreign bodies, only domestic toilet paper can be poured into the toilet. The building is a smoke-free building. Smoking, drinking or using drugs is strictly prohibited in your room and in the common areas of the building. Alcohol consumption and storage is not allowed in your room or building.

They will not use, store or sell drugs or anesthetics without a prescription in the building. If alcohol or any form of drugs is found on your person or in your room, we reserve the right to immediately terminate the lease and take any legal action required against you. We asked Yoli from South Point New Market Junction how she handled the stress of the exam. Look like her, how you can #finishstrong. Service provider for both pm and BM. You see the mentioned maintenance requests. It`s Monday, and you`re probably wondering what happened to all the learning time. Don`t be overwhelmed by procrastination – plan your time this week to prepare for this great ordeal. #finishstrong Our applications for the 2021 Brand Ambassador are officially open. Be sure to submit your application video by noon on November 30th. Click on the link to learn more: *Valid only for johannesburg tenants We reserve the right to search bags (your or your visitors) at any time and confiscate firearms, weapons, alcohol, drugs or other illicit substances.

Before evacuating the room, for weekends, holidays or something else, your room will be cleaned and any form of food or drinks will be stored or discarded and the pots, pans, cups and plates will be cleaned. We reserve the right to clean your room in your absence and hold you accountable for any costs incurred (which are not less than R100) and we will not be held responsible for any losses. Take some time to focus on the books. That`s the least you can do. Why not change your phone and find a comfortable corner in our learning rooms. #finishstrong Enter once a day to clean public areas, bathrooms and kitchens. Student rooms are excluded! It`s important to be careful never to leave your keys in a place where they could be stolen or lost. We are not charged with theft or burglary with your property. Sleeping overnight is not allowed. If we discover that you have granted a visitor the right to stay, we charge you an amount of R200.00 per visitor per night for the room. What does pride mean to you? We had the opportunity to meet with Luciano from South Point New Market Junction, and they were able to share their journey to Pride.

#sppridemonth #prideza All rooms are inspected twice a month. Any damage to the room is invoiced directly and due immediately. If we discover that the condition of your room is such that there is a potential health risk, you will be formally asked to clean your room. . . .

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