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21st September 2021
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22nd September 2021

14. Sometimes HSS buyers purchase goods after arrival. This kind of sale is not HSS. The stamp document on which the HSS contract is executed must not bear the date of purchase of the stamp paper as the date of arrival after the cargo. Such a case can be easily recognized by customs as a sale after arrival. 1. High seas sales (HSS) are sales made by the recipient of the transport document to another buyer, while the goods are still on the high seas or after they are shipped from the port of origin/airport and before their arrival at the port/airport of destination. Thus, you hide the book value of the initial contract under offshore sales transactions 4. At the time of conclusion of the HSS agreement, the B/L should be confirmed in favour of the new purchaser.

With respect to air shipping, the HSS seller should write to Consol`s airline/agent to inform them that an HSS agreement has been entered into with the HSS buyer and that, therefore, the transport document should be considered confirmed in favor of the HSS buyer and the IGM should be submitted by the carrier on behalf of the SHSS buyer. 8. In HSS contracts, the seller of HSS may not disclose the import value to the buyer of HSS. However, the right may request the initial import invoice and, in this case, the seller of HSS may have to part with this information. To remedy this situation, the seller of HSS should assume responsibility for customs clearance and on-site delivery. After customs clearance, the seller of HSS was able to collect the import invoices and deliver them to the buyer of HSS only with the agreement of HSS. The custom parts list does not show the initial import value and is created for the HSS value. Name of the buyer in India. This is the sale on the high seas under the law of sale on the high seas is the sale of imported goods before crossing the customs territory. The tansfer of the goods by the agreement concluded in India and the buyer must pay the CSTOMS high seas sales tax (HSS) is a sale made by the actual consignee (i.e. the consignee indicated in the bill of lading) to another buyer, while the goods are still on the high seas or after their shipment from the port of loading (POL) and before their arrival at the port of discharge (POD).

HSS Contract/Agreement should be signed after shipment of the goods from origin and before their arrival at their destination. The agreement should appear on the stamp paper. The word “sea”, which appears in the SHS, should not be removed from its literal meaning. As long as the sale is formalized after shipment from the port of origin and before arrival at the first port of discharge at destination, this sale is considered HSS. The certificate of insurance is one of the 7 main documents required for the importing country under sales on the high seas. This insurance certificate also had to be duly confirmed by the seller on the high seas for the benefit of the buyer on the high seas for the benefit of the buyer on the high seas in the context of sales on the high seas. Commercial invoice / sales invoice is another document needed for import duty in offshore sales operations. Such a commercial invoice in the sale on the high seas must be made in the national currency of the country of importation and not in foreign currency.

Details of goods sold at the rate and total value are indicated in such a commercial invoice for sale on the high seas. Originally issued by the first seller under High Sea Sale. As I have explained in my other articles on the same site, the transaction could be carried out with the sale of high seas more than twice….

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