Ar Ap Offset Agreement
11th September 2021
Bank Of America Credit Card Agreements
12th September 2021

TAKING INTO ACCOUNT the assignment agreement of the assignor and the beneficiaries of the assignment, which agrees to take over the lease of the premises and other valuable considerations whose receipt and suitability are confirmed, both parties agree to respect and comply with the following commitments, conditions and agreements: as soon as the assignment takes effect, the lessor is bound by the beneficiary of the pension. The assignee must make all notifications about the lease and withdraw the rent. The landlord does not sign a new lease with the Zessiona. The Zzionist is not a new tenant in the eyes of the law. Therefore, he does not have the right to fix the court around the party, to fix the rent. However, if he becomes a tenant, he acquires all the rights and obligations of the lease. Since he is bound by all the terms of the assigned lease, he should obtain a copy from the assigning tenant. . . .

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