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12th April 2021
Section 52 Agreement Discharge
12th April 2021

1. There must be a program letter (PLA) between the program and each participating website (outside the sponsoring institution) that governs the relationship between the program and the site that provides a necessary task. (Kern) (I.B.2.) If changes are made to the UF agreements, additional time will be required to verify and approve UF contracts and risk management. Please allow at least 30 days for UF models without modification. Please allow at least 60-90 days for UF models with modifications or non-UF forms. Please allow at least 90 days for rotations requiring extra-state licenses. The ALP meets ACGME`s training requirements for programs. A PLA is required between a program and all sites where residents turn for training or required tasks. An AA is required between institutions when all residents are running in at least one program for a necessary educational experience or if one of the institutions requests a full AA vs. for outdoor rotations.

ACGME needs a program letter (pla) for each participating program and website if the assignment takes a month or more. 5. The PLA with each participating website is valid for 10 years, unless changes are made to the rotation, site manager or program director. When a change is made above, a new PLA must be launched. Program letters (PLA) and external rotation agreements are defined by CMAA as “written documents regarding GME responsibilities between an accredited program and a website other than the sponsoring institution.” Since the University of Florida is the organizing institution, all accredited programs must: 3. The PLA must be signed by the program director, site director and graduate director of medical education (DGME). After the signing by the DGME, OGME will seize the PLA and put it online in new innovations. If a document with original signatures is available, it is returned to the program coordinator.

The program/institution of the inhabitant should initiate it. 2. The Office of Graduate Medical Education (GMOE) has developed a PLA model for programs that have approval for official institutionalization (DIO) and meet all specified requirements. Below is a table in which it describes when a PLA is needed in relation to a membership agreement. Example: Affiliation Agreement in kraft between Plastic Surgery Program, SIU, SJH/MMC, and receive Hospital/Institution Click here to see the current PLA model. To request a modifiable copy of the PLA model, contact the Bureau of Graduate Medical Education at 217-545-8853 or e-mail . A more complex document dealing with the legal issues of a resident who goes to another institution for training. .

Please follow these guidelines when preparing your PLA: . A participating website is defined as an organization that provides educational experiences or educational rotations to residents. . Program Director, Site Director, GME Director (SIU Requirement) Before a new PLA is filed, the application for authorisation below must be filed with Cherie Lewis.

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